Sunday, 6 March 2011

Belfast Brew- Suki Tea

Today has been a day of doing stuff (I haven't actually finished- I only came in because my hands are icy from repotting sweet peas) and the first flushes of spring are inspiring me to have a sort out of teas in my cupboard. This is one I discovered spring cleaning the tea cupboard. Yes, I have a tea cupboard. There is a lot of tea in there.

Anyone who knows me knows I am in love with anything Irish, so I had high hopes of this black tea. Belfast Blend is just Suki's branding of their Irish Breakfast tea. It's a combination of a malty assam and a new one for me, a Tanzanian tea (if you're interested in learning about Tanzanian tea, check out this link here)

I brewed the tea for about two minutes and added milk. The tea itself has a smooth, earthy and almost sweet and fruity flavour, with a punch of tannin at the end. The tannin however is not unpleasant, it just adds to the whole mouthful of tea. The overall taste is one of a quality black tea with a satisfying cleansing element.

I  must admit, before drinking, I was a bit apprehensive. Irish Breakfast Tea is stronger than English Breakfast tea and it can be foul if not brewed correctly- this, however, is lovely and is one I would consider giving to guests when they turn their noses up to 'posh' tea. I defy anyone not to fall in love with this Irish charmer! (I could have inserted jokes here about Blarney, but decided to spare you all...!)