Saturday, 29 January 2011

Tea adverts from the past: Part 2

The blog will be back to regular action in the next few days. I am planning a few bits and pieces and thought, as a way to whet your appetite, I'd dust off a few vintage adverts for your delectation:

I've posted  vintage Japanese tea ads before, but I think that they are so pretty. I wouldn't mind one of these in a frame in the kitchen (but then, I am a known Japanophile, so where's the surprise in that?) These ads come from the period 1900-1929,  a time when Japanese culture was still very traditional.

I'm guessing that this is early 20th-century. Sri Lanka became a tea producing country after the British tried to plant coffee plants, which failed due to a disease. Production was changed to tea and  and the rest, as they say, is history.

I lovelovelove this one. When I first saw it, I was taken as to how much it reminded me of Tolouse Lautrec. Then I realised that owning this company would have been a dream job- tea and chocolate in one Parisian company? Bliss. Apparently, the artist always added cats to his work. I like him immensely.

(You can buy a print of this here)

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