Monday, 31 May 2010

Fleur de Geisha

This Japanese tea is one of my favourites and one that I find I go back to a lot. I first discovered it in PDT's shop in Dublin last and was blown away by smell alone. At that time, I was a bit 'ugh' about green tea, but have gradually fallen in love with it. It's become one of my 'staple' summer teas.

The tea smells of cherry blossom and has a naturally sweet taste to it (although this is delicate and can be distorted if the tea is over boiled, the teabag is left in too long or you, er, forget to put the lid on your container...) The subtle taste is flowery, but also a little bit like sweets. For me, this is a good 'general' tea and a good introduction to green tea, especially if people have had bad experiences of over-brewed tea.

Fleur de Geisha is available as both loose leaf and in bags on the Palais des The website.


  1. crystal Sayers3 June 2010 at 23:28

    try it iced!

  2. Ooh, very good idea! Might have to do that tomorrow!