Friday, 2 September 2011

The London Tea Company

The London Tea Company is one of those tea companies that a) should be massively popular and b) I'd like to work at. This is all because of their positive ethos and a cheerful passion about what they do that is evident when you take a look at their website. I'm also always impressed with companies who give back to the communities that provide them with tea. So, two thumbs up for the company... but what about the tea?

The range of teas at The London Tea Company is small but wide ranging and many of them are organic and/or fair trade, so you can have a cuppa and feel good about the choice. I tried four teas from the range.

English Breakfast

A very well-rounded, flavoursome black tea (I'm not sure where the tea comes from, but I suspect it's Sri Lankan...) which works very well as an enhancer of other flavours, as a breakfast tea should be. Low tannin after taste and very refreshing. I found that it worked very well with Marmite and toast!

Vanilla Chai

Quite frankly, this is one of the best chais I've tasted and is the best vanilla chai I've come across. Clean, creamy and rich, I will be stockpiling this as one of my go-to teas for autumn/winter. I would recommend this as a healthier alternative to chai lattes; still a decadent tea!

Green tea, Mango and Ginger

This tea is an unusual blend that you'll either love or loathe.. It has a distinctive smell, which doesn't seem to match the list of ingredients. But the taste is very refreshing, although I couldn't really distinguish the taste of ginger or mango. The tea is slightly sweet and grassy and I think it works really well with a bit of honey added into the mix. An interesting tea for when you're feeling a bit adventurous!

White tea, Elderflower and Apricot

This is lush. Delicate, fruity and fragrant, this is like a cup of summer! I would recommend that you drink this on those dark, cold days in deepest winter when you want to remember sunny days. Also, the white tea is an excellent tea for purifying and detoxing... so you can be healthy AND have delicious tea.

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