Monday, 17 October 2011

Eteaket Rosy Apple

Eteaket were kind enough to send me a sample of their Rosy Apple green tea, which I had read about on Twitter (they're @eteaket if you like your tweets to be tea related!). I am very, very pleased that they did. I'm usually well into black tea in this stage of the year, but Rosy Apple is a light, refreshing tea that manages to capture lovely flavours associated with autumn.

The tea is gorgeous, it's a Chinese green tea (Chinese teas tend to work better in flavoured green teas, in my opinion, as they work with the added flavours. Japanese green teas can be a bit... grassy and overpowering) and the taste is fruity and sweet. The apple pieces give the tea a comforting seasonal taste, which is surprisingly enhanced-rather than overpowered- by the interesting addition of lemongrass, papaya and orange pieces. Had I seen this blend before drinking, I would have been very wary and have maybe expected the tea version of a desert island. However, rather than be completely dominated by tropical flavours, these additional elements combine to create a brilliant taste. Don't expect a summery flavour- the apple is the star of the show in this blend (although it would be lovely as an iced tea.)

The tea is limited edition, which is a shame, as it's a tea I can see being a stalwart of my tea cupboard (along with this tea) and one of the ones I would return to in an effort to show people how lovely green teas can be. I have put in an order for a caddy and I'm eagerly looking forward to its arrival!

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