Friday, 19 November 2010

Chah- Milk Oolong

Chah is a fabulous site selling high quality Asian teas. What I like about the website is that they have pictures of their travels in the 'About Us' section, which shows a connection with the plantations the tea comes from.

Milk Oolong has interested me since I first heard of it. It's a special tea that is affected by the area in Taiwan where it grows. Due to the climate, the tea grows and develops an interesting taste that is, in accordance with the name, slightly milky. It's a delightful tea with a little bit of sweetness.

When brewed, it has a smell that is common to many oolongs- slightly vegetable and earthy, but very clean (some teas can be 'earthy' in the sense of 'muddy'; not this one!) The taste is fragrant and lovely, the tea giving a gentle flavour on the back of the tongue.

I was a bit unsure as to what to expect, but this is a great oolong for a first timer wanting to venture away from the usual teas and try something a bit different. Very, very yummy!

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  1. Ooh another one that accepts paypal...
    This tea sounds good I must try it someday :)