Sunday, 7 November 2010

A selection of my favourite autumn, winter and festive teas

I love autumn and all the festivity that comes with it. I've decided to list some of my favourite teas that are perfect for the upcoming season:

Cup of Tea is selling a cracking Winter Tea selection. It can be a gamble to choose a tea just by looking at the descriptions on the website, so this little box is a perfect way to try all of their festive blends. For £4.60, you get a selection of 10 loose teas (enough for 2-3 cups of tea in each sachet), including green, black, oolong, rooibos and herbal. My current favourite is the Oolong Plum Pudding- fruity and malty, almost like a Christmas pudding. Yum. The great thing about the pack is that most of the teas are for sale in larger quantities on the site, so if you can't bear the thought of not having your favourite in February, you can order up some more. (I will be reviewing each tea in the box in detail at a later date.)

Grey's Bitter almond with pieces- this one has become a favourite in the house, due to its strong black taste and lovely marzipan/almond flavour. A China black tea that works especially well with cakes, I would recommend this one as a tea to get home to on a dark night. Lovely.

Teapigs Spiced Winter Red- a rooibos, which means caffeine free. I took this with me on a residential trip for work last week (I knew I would be cold!) A decadent spiced tea that certainly warms the cockles and helped me sleep. I was very grateful for it!

Eteaket's Chocolate Abyss- a combination of chocolate and tea with a slightly coconutty taste (and a slightly boozy smell!) this is a delicious black tea. I have it at work to combat any chocolate cravings- I'm trying to give up junk food til December- and have now begun to have it in place of hot chocolate in an evening. The China black tea and the chocolate pieces melt together and it is taste heaven.

Tea Palace have a range of festive blends which I am hoping to try this week. I will get back to you asap on that.

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