Saturday, 13 November 2010

Yumchaa- Regent's Park

Today is one of my favourite kinds of autumn day- gloomy, crisp and ever so slightly menacing. I like these days because they make staying at home cosy and I find myself baking and reading peacefully, rather than rueing the fact that I have to go out to make the most of the day.

I'm currently drinking a mug of Yumchaa Regent's Park, which I bought at a little market I came across in Soho a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, their website doesn't seem to let you order, but I would think that you would be able to call them if you wanted to buy anything. They also have two cafes (one in Soho and one in Camden) where you can buy the teas.

Anyway, Regent's Park is one of my favourite types of green tea, China green tea. I prefer this because I find it less astringent than Japanese teas, but each has their merits. The tea provides a refreshing base with a hint of grassiness, although this is not overpowering. The tea itself is flavoured with fruits, papaya and pineapple being the most dominant, with strawberry and raspberry hints. Apparently there are also rose petals in the mix, but you can't really taste them, so I think they might just be there for aesthetic purposes. The taste is sweet and fruity, a little bit like posh fruit pastilles without sugar. The aftertaste is clean and sharp.

Overall, a very pleasant tea. Let's hope that they get their website sorted!

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