Friday, 17 September 2010

Earl Grey taste challenge- day 16

I've had a break from the Earl Grey challenge of late, but what with the weather becoming cooler and the nights drawing in, I've turned my evening attentions back to the delights of black tea with a dash of milk. Today's tea is Teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey, which, to my delight, has a lovely picture of a daschund on the packet (I'm a big dog fan).

The wonderful thing about Teapigs is that they have their 'tea temples', which are more like posh tea pyramids than dodgy old tea bags. This enables the tea leaves to move around and 'breathe', ensuring that the best brew possible is achieved.

In this Earl Grey, Teapigs have used a fine darjeeling tea (as opposed to the Chinese tea that is often found in your usual tea bag), which lends subtlety and a nice base for the bergamot zing to shine through. The taste is light and refreshing, which is what I imagine Teapigs were aiming for. This is a nice, gentle tea, which I think would compliment breakfast or a quick lunch, rather than overwhelm with citrus, which, as mentioned in previous posts, some EGs do unintentionally.

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