Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Earl Grey taste challenge- day 15

So, in my taste challenge, I've drunk a lot of black tea. I decided, on a pleasant late summer's afternoon that a change was afoot. Tonight I'm drinking Grey's Green Earl Grey, a light China green tea.

This tea is light, fragrant and refreshing. It's a lovely pale yellow-green and has a really nice cleansing effect on the mouth. The tea has a slightly sweet note and the bergamot just sort of 'floats' as a subtle note, rather than a major flavour. I think that this blend suits the more delicate nature of the green tea. I think that green tea is slightly lighter beverage than the good old robust black tea. This is lovely. A rather special tea.

The health benefits of green tea are supposed to be huge, so I like that I'm drinking something that's healthy and delicious (why isn't everything that's healthy delicious?) Also, it's low caffeine, which is a bonus if you want to cut down.

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  1. You should add some pictures of the teas you're writing about. Or do you think your cups aren't fancy enough to show in public? ;) This tea sounds very good. How many more EG's will you be reviewing?

    I just came across some adorable child's play tea bags. If shipping wasn't so high I'd buy it.