Sunday, 29 August 2010

Back to School teas...

So, Wednesday is the start of a new term for me and I'm having issues deciding which teas I want to take to stock up my tea cupboard (I have a special 'tea shelf' in my staffroom cupboard!) I want to get the balance right for the more autumnal weather heading our way, but I also want something that's going to keep me going on long days.

What are your suggestions?

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  1. Hi!

    Something I always love to do actually, especially in the Fall, is to mix teas. I like to get a green tea that has a light fruity flavor (like pomegranate) and a plain black tea. I don't like fragrant teas, so if you do you might prefer that, but I know I love the subtle undertone of fruit mixed with the strong kick of black tea. It is great for a big mug and a cuddle near an open window!