Thursday, 26 August 2010

Earl Grey Taste Challenge- Day 14

Lahloo Tea is a Bristol-based tea company, run by Kate Gover. I was delighted to be sent some of the cute little tea tins with their signature Earl Grey blend. I really love the presentation of their teas, whether it's in the travel tins or the bigger packs with a cute little peg. This sort of presentation is what sets British independent tea companies apart from their blander, big company cousins.

On opening the tin, I was greeted by a strong, zesty smell. As today is a very rainy day, it was a welcome, cheery scent that would be great on those mornings where it's cold and dark and grey. I must admit, I did wonder if the taste would be as strong.

The tea itself is a blend of assam and darjeeling, a refreshing blend which makes this a brilliant breakfast blend- warm, inviting and comforting (which EG should be, in my humble opinion) I like this combination of assam and darjeeling, the latter balancing the malty, earthiness of the former into a light tea. The bergamot finely flavours the tea, but does not overwhelm. The tea and oil combine to create a subtle, sophisticated blend.

Apparently, Kate enjoys this tea chilled with lemonade and gin (a 'mar-tea-ni'), something that I am sorely tempted to try over the bank holiday- if this horrendous rain ever stops!

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  1. Oh my tea and alcohol? I'm curious if that is a good combination. You'll post about it if/when you try it right? I just had a look at their website and those tins are adorable. Too bad they don't accept paypal :(