Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Earl Grey Taste Challenge- Day 13

An interesting side effect of tasting all the different types of Earl Grey has been that I have become better at identifying different types of flavours in what essentially should be the same recipe. I have been surprised in the range and different interpretations of the 'tradtional' EG flavour.

Today's tea, Wiltshire Tea's Earl Grey  was another surprise. The tea smells like a good quality EG, with the bergamot being particularly present- I think a good EG should have a distinct aroma, especially when you consider the weakness of the 'generic' brands. So, so far, so good!

The blend is a really nice Kenya/Ceylon blend, which lends itself to a strong, robust flavour. The bergamot and tea work together nicely, with each having its own powerful presence. The really interesting element to this tea, though, is the smokiness that comes when I drink it. It's a strange, but pleasant taste that hits the top of the mouth and leaves a faint whisp of an aftertaste. (And before you ask, no, I don't smoke!) This strong flavour is a unique one amongst the teas I have tried thus far. I'm inclined to believe that it is the mixture of Kenyan and Sri Lankan teas that have produced such an unusual, yet enjoyable, taste.

Definitely a tea to stock up with for the forthcoming autumn/winter. I would love to drink this on a cold evening by a wood burning fire!

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