Monday, 2 August 2010

Teapigs Chilli Chai

On Wednesday, I found myself at my knitting group fairly early- a perfect chance to have a pot of tea to myself! The tea I chose was Teapigs chilli chai, a blend of assam tea, spices and a kick of chilli. I'll admit, I was a little bit hesitant to try at first. Chai is lovely... if it's done right and chilli, well, that's just weird right? Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and figured that if I add chilli to everything I cook, I could take it in my favourite beverage, right?

Oh, how surprised I was- I should be more adventurous! The taste was warm and soothing; I will have to buy a box of this for the winter, because I think that on those snowy days or horrible, wet and windy autumn days, this will really put the feeling back in your fingers. It's also a nice alternative to sugary, over-the-top-milky chai lattes (which I love, but not good for the waistline!) I drank it with milk, in order to calm it down sliiiiightly, but oh, it was gorgeous. Seriously, the next time I send tea to my friends abroad, I will include some of this. It is amazing!

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