Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Earl Grey Taste Challenge- Day 11

Eteaket looks like the kind of tea boutique that makes it an essential place to visit in Edinburgh (in fact, I might visit one of my favourite cities just to have afternoon tea here...) What pleased me is that they have a cracking website which sells all of their amazing teas, as well as some seriously stylish accessories.

Their Royal Earl Grey is a whole leaf Ceylon tea, flavoured with natural oil of bergamot (another feature I love about their website is that they show you where each tea is sourced on a map). Like a lot of high quality EGs I've come across, cornflower petals add a sophisticated touch to the blend.

First things first- on opening the packet, you are greeted by a wonderful, summery citrus aroma, almost like the best marmalade you've ever tasted. My tastebuds were tingling before the water had hit the cup!

The taste is heavenly- the sharp bergamot taste is delicately balanced by the lower notes of malty, smoky and refreshing tea. I had this tea before my breakfast and it really was a fantastic morning brew. I highly recommend it to those people who like their EG 'just right', it's a regal, yet  cheerful blend that I will come back to again and again.

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