Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Ronnefeldt Morning Dew

So, we went for a walk this afternoon and got caught in a downpour. What's the perfect solution? Why, tea of course!

I've been drinking a lot of black tea with milk lately (wonder why...?) and decided I needed something a bit different. Then I remembered that I had some Morning Dew tea from Cup of Tea and reckoned that a nice, fruity green tea was just what was on the cards.

The tea is a lovely sencha -the green tea most drunk by the Japanese; 80% of tea produced in Japan is sencha- that contains petals, possibly rose and cornflower, but I could be wrong, and mango/citrus flavours. I must admit, if I'm going for a flavoured green tea, sencha is my favourite. I like the mild taste.

When brewed, the colour is the perfect golden green expected and the smell is fruity, but not overpowering. The mango smell is juicy and inviting and this is the perfect set up for the taste; the tea itself is mild and pleasant. It doesn't quite pack a punch in the same way as green Earl Grey blends do, but it's a lovely tea to drink on a warm and sunny afternoon. For those who like their tea iced, this might be one to try.

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