Sunday, 12 September 2010

Yumchaa Teas

Last week, Benn and I were in London to see a show (Avenue Q, if you're interested- very funny!) and on the way to the theatre, we came across a little street market. After wandering around, we came across Yumchaa Teas. I purchased three teas for £12- Notting Hill, a fruity, flowery black tea; Blueberry Hill, a black tea with rhubarb and blueberry; and Regent's Park, a yummy green tea with lots of interesting flavours.

Each one is hand blended, in small batches, meaning that they are fresh when they hit the packet. I've also now put each one in a Kilner jar to keep it fresh- an added bonus is that the teas are very pretty to look at too!

Unfortunately, Yumchaa's website appears to be down, but they do have a Twitter account. If you're in London for the day, do check out their teashops in either Soho or Camden, as all the reviews I've read make it sound fantastic! I will definitely pop in when I'm next up that way...

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