Sunday, 24 October 2010

Adagio Ti Kuan Yin Oolong

I have never really tried oolong before and so before I tasted Adagio's Ti Kuan Yin, I was a little bit unsure as to what I would experience.

Like many teas, Oolong has attracted a positive press with regards to its health benefits and the fact that it can, apparently, help with skin and weight problems. Whatever the truth, it is a very refreshing and interesting tea to sample.

Ti Kuan Yin is a Chinese goddess; the name translates as 'Iron Goddess of Mercy' or 'compassion'. The tea leaves are grown in Fujan Province and undergo a complex process to make the tea; as a result, this is one of the most sought after in China. Oolong is a tea that is best described as being between black and green and can, in theory, be drunk with milk. I wouldn't recommend milk with this tea though, as it falls more on the 'green' side than black. The interesting thing about oolong tea is that it improves after various infusions- something that can justify what can, at first, look expensive.

Anyway, this tea is a mellow green-ish colour (typical of the colour of traditional Chinese green teas) with a sweet, flowery smell. The taste is interesting; sweet top notes and a slightly floral and also nutty aftertaste. What I liked most about the taste is that it didn't have the bitter, vegetable taste of some green teas. The flavour is refreshing and mild. It's a lovely tea for mid day and would be really nice after lunch, as it's a really cleansing blend.

As an Oolong novice, I would recommend this to a first timer, as it's reasonably priced and is a great introduction to a very interesting tea.

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