Sunday, 3 October 2010

Earl Grey Taste Challenge- Day 17

Every now and then, I come across an Earl Grey that really knocks my socks off. Tea Palace's Organic Earl Grey St Clements is one of those teas.  Tea Palace is a gorgeous tea shop in Covent Garden with an equally gorgeous website; I could happily spend a lot of money there (I am also very tempted to have them create a bespoke blend for me, although I'm unsure as to what I would have in it...)

In homage to the popular- yet, as I discovered, really quite grim- nursery rhyme, the tea itself is a black tea  that is absolutely filled to the brim with real orange and lemon peel. The effect is mouthwatering as the caddy is opened. The smell is wonderful, like old-fashioned, homemade lemon curd. An added bonus was that the scent is cheerful and sunny; perfect on a horrible October's day.

The taste itself is amazing- a rush of black (I think China) tea washes over the tongue, followed by a clean, snappy citrus flavour, the topnote of bergamot nicely complimented by the delicious Just absolutely gorgeous. Afterwards, my mouth felt clean and refreshed, without the bitter aftertaste some black teas can leave in the mouth. So no need for a chopper to chop off your head after this tea.

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