Monday, 7 June 2010

Clipper Organic Everyday Tea

I'll admit, I often get made fun of by friends, family and co-workers for my love of 'strange', 'posh' and 'weird' teas- and I do enjoy a good perfumed or exotic blend. But I'm also the first to admit that a good old fashioned everyday tea is essential too. Today was one of those days that started wrong (by ignoring my alarm and getting up ten minutes before I was due to leave for work- fun), was wrong in the middle and a bit at the end. So my idea of heaven was getting home, eating Turkish Delight, sticking Doctor Who on the TV and a nice, unpretentious cuppa.

I got ten bags of Clipper Organic Everyday Tea to sample after signing up for their newsletter- I probably wouldn't have specifically chosen organic if I was in a shop, although I have bought regular Clipper teas before and always been happy with them.

The tea brewed to a nice amber colour after about three minutes and a bit of milk. The taste is smooth and pleasant without any of the nasty tannin-esque after taste that 'normal' tea can sometimes suffer from, even if it hasn't been overbrewed. The flavour is not sweet and is quite subtle- handy for not suffocating anything else you might be eating, but enhancing the flavour.

I'm not sure whether the 'organic' label has any affect on taste, but I can say that this tea is a fantastic companion when paired with Doctor Who and Turkish Delight...


  1. I came over here after commenting on Ravelry. Clipper is smoother than Twinings, and I haven't tried other Earl Grey. Lady Earl Grey is (was?) an abomination, in my view!

  2. My favourite tea is a red rooibus sweet blend with fruits called Tropical Punch. I have no idea if you can get it in the UK, though!