Monday, 14 June 2010

Earl Grey Challenge- Day 1

So, the way this will work is that over the next few weeks, I will try at least two varieties of Earl Grey a week (I don't want to commit myself to more a week, otherwise I'd probably lose all sense of fun...)

Tonight's EG is a classic from Twinings. It's the first brand I tried, when I was on holiday at my aunt's aged about twelve. I remember thinking how amazing the taste was; I'd never drunk anything like it. So this is an old favourite and a good place to start. However, I will maintain a sense of objectivity and keep an open mind as to other types.

I generally brew my Earl Grey for about 3-4 minutes and add milk until I get a colour similar to the one below (apologies for poor photo and used teabag):

It's actually more golden in tone than shown in the picture.

The smell is floral, although I wouldn't say that it's strong. On first sniff, there is the bergamot, followed by the undertones of, well, tea (or tannin, I suppose).

The taste is smooth, although the bergamot seems to be easily lost against the stronger, malty taste of the tea. This was satisfying, but not so much as an Earl Grey especially, but as a tea in general (does that makes sense?) Also, I found that the after taste was slightly sticky, cloying at the back of the throat. This left a bitter after taste, which was slightly strange.

However, it's a very traditional Earl Grey and, because of this, very familiar and very comforting. I think all tea has a time and a place in which it's meant to be drunk and this is no exception. It's the kind of tea I would be desperate to have on a stormy autumn's evening after battling the elements to get home. It's soothing and calming, everything a good cuppa should be...


  1. Twinings Earl Grey (the loose leaves you could buy before most teas became bagged) was my first experience of "posh tea". I drank it mixed half-and-half with Typhoo; this was copied from some friends who I thought (at the time) were awfully trendy!

  2. Holly says, How would you describe the taste of PG tips?

    By the way the girls are hugely impressed by your blog! We're about to check out your knitting one now :) Ash