Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Palais des Thes Green Tea with Vanilla

So, another Palais des Thes tea- another green one too. I have recently tried two vanilla green teas, this being the main one. The other I will write about at a later date. This is the one I have in my mug right now!

There's something very soothing about vanilla. It's a byword for 'nice', 'calm' and, dare I say it, 'boring'. However, I've found that vanilla in tea can transform something perfectly ordinary into something very, very lovely.

Like many of PDT's green teas, this is a Japanese tea and is very smooth and without a cloying aftertaste. What makes this special is the actual pieces of vanilla pod in the tea. They're tiny, but they pack a punch when the tea is brewed. The smell is heavenly and reflects the taste- a sweet (but not sickly) vanilla with a quality that can't be gained from simply using vanilla essence. I've found in the past that some 'vanilla' teas can have a slight 'Play-Doh' taste(!) and it's nice to find one that is pleasant to drink.

There's a lovely sweet aftertaste, which means that drinking this tea is a complete joy, especially on a hot day...

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