Saturday, 26 June 2010

Interesting tea things...

So, it's very warm here, too warm for me (I drank some tea at work the other day and felt like I was melting inside...) Because I love looking at tea and tea accessories as much as I do drinking it, I thought I would show you some really cool stuff:

I love this Owl tea set from Stash Teas. But then, I just love owls. I think it's pretty cool and would cheer me up on a rubbish morning!

How cute are these Oriental tea cups? They come in a range of colours and are just so sweet! Not sure how much tea you would get into them, but you'd be stylish drinking from them (there is also a matching teapot..)

I use DIY teabags all the time for loose tea- they're great as you can just sling them on a compost heap or in the garden (tea leaves are very good plant food) I also find that metal strainers are a bit of a faff to empty and clean and can also leave a metallic taste in some lighter teas.

Finally, I love this print, which is available from Etsy- perfect for a tea-lover's kitchen!

I shall be posting lots of tea reviews later today and tomorrow. If you've seen any cool tea stuff or interesting teas, email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Ooooh I want that owl set, so cute :) And I mostly use those diy teabags too. Etsy is evil, too many lovely items :) These are cute too.