Sunday, 13 June 2010

Yorkshire Tea- Decaffinated

I normally don't 'get' decaff (especially coffee- surely nobody drinks it for taste alone?? What do I know, I'm allergic to the stuff.) but have been having issues sleeping recently, particularly on a Sunday night. So I decided to try the Yorkshire Tea decaff.

I grew up in Yorkshire, so I have a soft spot for anything from the county of the White Rose. Saying that, I can't remember ever drinking YT, although I must have at some point. So, in a fit of provincial pride, I decided to see what my homeland could offer.

YT has a smooth, strong taste that mellows into an almost creamy aftertaste. This is strange, but not unpleasant. The taste reminds me of the type of tea served up in fish and chip restaurants at the seaside. When I was a kid, tea with fish and chips was almost compulsory for the grown ups.

I've found that decaff has made a good bedtime drink, but I'm still not sure I would buy it; I may stick to herbal teas for bedtime. But for a traditional cuppa, and for those simultaneously fond of 'builders' tea' and sleep, you can't beat a bit of Yorkshire Tea. 'Ee by gum, etc etc.


  1. Hi Alice, I love your blog...(following now) so different... but would be nice to see some photo's?

    I've been working recently with beefeater 24 gin and they include tea in the mix of their blend and it tastes wonderful, you must try it... works very well in cocktails!

    keep blogging!

  2. Hi Dom,

    I will provide pics- promise! I will keep an eye out for the gin (Mmmm, gin and tea; two of my favourites!)