Sunday, 6 June 2010

Milford Unser Home-sweet-home-Tee

This is a German tea and I must admit, it smells gorgeous! (My German unfortunately only extends to singing a few Christmas carols and counting rabbits, so I had to have the translator out for most of this review, so apologies in advance for any shaky translation.)

It's a black tea flavoured with a blend of pear, apple and almond. I didn't add milk to this one and I think the tea benefitted from this. On first tasting, the pear flavour is very apparent. Interestingly, the taste mellows and becomes a highly perfumed, sweet flavour that is an absolute delight! The apple and almond are not very present, but this is not a bad thing, as fruit teas can be quite overwhelming.

I couldn't find a European seller on first look for this tea, but a range of Milford Teas are available on an Austrian website. I am very tempted to try some more from this range!

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