Sunday, 27 June 2010

Earl Grey Challenge- Day 4

I woke up stupidly early for a Sunday morning and decided to take advantage of the cool temperature to have a sneaky cup of Earl Grey. Clipper is one of my favourite tea brands for many reasons; good, clean tastes, Fairtrade and they sell Alice in Wonderland themed tea.

I also love the artwork on Clipper boxes. It's a fairly new design, but I just think that it's simple and elegant (I always like to pretend I'm elegant, until I bang into something.)

The first thing I noticed when opening this box was the smell. Put simply, it smells like sunshine- citrusy, heady and fruity. Just the thing when I'd got up at 6.45.

The taste is fantastic- smooth, with the balance of tea/bergamot just right. Neither taste dominates, which means that the flavour is just right for a summer cuppa. The tea is tinged by a soft citrus flavour that sort of travels to the back of the throat. If I knew how to talk about wine, I suppose I would know how to describe that. As it is, I'm just a tea geek... The aftertaste is pleasant, slightly 'sticky', but in a good way. As in, the taste is so lovely, you don't mind it hanging around for a while. Just like its packaging, Clipper Earl Grey is simple, elegant and sophisticated. Yum.

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