Sunday, 4 July 2010


Today, I visited Alfriston with my aunt and my grandma (my favourite ever bookshop, Much Ado Books, is there, so any excuse to visit is fine by me!)

After we arrived, we stopped for lunch and, of course, tea was involved.

I decided against going for my usual type of cuppa and was tempted by Toppers Teas Treasure Chocolate- a blend of rooibos tea, chocolate, vanilla, almond and coconut, with a dash of black tea thrown in for good measure.

I've only ever tried rooibos once, when I drank a chocolate/peppermint blend; I guess the natural sweetness goes well with a chocolatey blend.

The smell was lovely and chocolatey and the distinctive smell of rooibos was instantly recognisable. I added milk and what looked to be small flecks of chocolate floated to the surface of the tea. This was surprising, but not unpleasantly so, it just made me want to taste the chocolate!

The taste was very smooth, the rooibois again coming to the fore. It has been a while since I drank rooibos and this tea makes me think I should drink more. It really does have a lovely sweetness to it, which was complemented, not overpowered by, the combination of other flavours. Another factor that works in rooibos' favour is that fact that it is low caffeine and that it's healthier in other respects too. I may have to order myself some of this.

Also, whilst in Much Ado, I bought The History of Tea, which looks at literary portrayals of tea (hopefully you know what I mean...) and has some recipes based on scenesin which tea is taken, such as Mary Poppins and The Importance of Being Earnest. As the holidays fast approach, I am hoping for some time to bake and read. I shall let you know what I think of the book as soon as I read it!

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