Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Earl Grey Taste Challenge- day 9

So, I've been fairly consistent in my love for Palais des Thes, as they were the first tea company that made me realise that tea can be something really lovely and worth taking time over.

Their The des Lords tea is amazing. A perfect Earl Grey for a serious tea drinker. The scent is floral and sharp, but mellowed by the tea itself. PTD have a range of EG teas, but this one is the strongest in terms of bergamot. The taste is quintessentially what I would expect from a good quality EG blend- strong, but not artificial and of high quality. The aftertaste is fruity, but not cloying.

I have often turned to this blend when I've not been feeling well; I personally find Earl Grey to be very comforting when I feel a bit sniffly or grumpy, and this really improves my mood. If you like your EGs strong, this is definitely the one for you!

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