Sunday, 18 July 2010

Earl Grey Taste Challenge- Day 8

So, as previously mentioned, I have become acquainted with Metrodeco's teas and I couldn't resist the opportunity to try their 'Shades of Grey' Earl Grey tea.

What sets Shades of Grey apart is that it has rose petals in there, to give an interesting dimension to the familiar EG taste. The smell is lovely, not overpowering or over the top.

The taste is interesting (in a good way)- the bergamot is definitely there, but there is a slight hint of rose too, which makes for an elegant and ladylike brew. I know Metrodeco are a 30's specialist and I could imagine one of the stars of the period (Joan Crawford, Bette Davies, Jean Harlow) drinking some of this from some fabulous Art Deco teacups in Hollywood. A very nice tea for grown ups who like their tea sophisticated and a bit special!

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