Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tetley green tea with honey

In Britain, I think a lot of people were first introduced to green tea by Tetley (which also had an advert for green tea banned after claiming it had super-duper health benefits) and I know that I was disappointed when I did; I was nearly put off green tea for life, had it not been for the tea that's served in Japanese restaurants. I remember that the mint green tea tasted a bit like toothpaste and the lemon, well, let's just say that there was more than a hint of bathroom cleaner to that one.

Anyway, I'd seen a sample of their green tea with honey knocking around the staffroom at work for a few weeks and decided I would nick it, all in the name of research, obv. Maybe Tetley's green tea had improved in the last few years?

So, I made the tea in my usual manner. First off, the smell is, well, non-existent. There is maybe a tiny whiff of honey, but it's miniscule. The colour is nice enough, though.

On the back of the sample packet, Tetley proudly say that green tea can be a bit bitter, which is why they've 'specially blended a smoother, more gentle-tasting green tea.' In fact, it's so gentle, it hardly tastes of anything. I mean, it's clearly not water, but there is no obvious green tea taste. Again, the honey is there, I suppose, but only just. If it was an actor, it would be described as phoning in its performance. Nothing there.

Now, I don't mind subtle teas; in fact, I often rather like them. But there has to be something there to like. This is just bland.  It's like the James Blunt of green tea...


  1. It can be very hard to find good green tea in bags, Clipper organic green tea is one of them! Personally I prefer to drink green tea made from loose leaves. I'm surprised that they said green tea can be bitter, since it should definitely NOT be. It's a clear indication that the tea was made the wrong way, most likely with water that was too hot. I've never been impressed with the "big" tea producers(Tetley, Lipton, Twinings etc) anyway, I often get the impression that they know shamefully little at all about their product!

  2. I totally agree with you re: green tea being bitter. I guess they're trying to tap into a health conscious market that might not know what good green tea tastes like!