Sunday, 18 July 2010

Treacle and Co.

I have found a new tea/cake shop in Hove, which although I would like it to stay a secret, I think is well worth a visit. Treacle and Co. is, to quote someone in Mary Poppins 'practically perfect in everyway', luscious cakes and a gorgeous 1930's feel to the place make it a really nice place to sit and relax.

And the tea is just fantastic. I tried three teas whilst I was there (one was not for sale, but I like to be nosy when tea is involved.) I will discuss one here and one in my next Earl Grey Challenge.

The main tea I tried was from Metrodeco, a tea shop based in Kemptown. I had the Parisian Floral Calm, a highly perfumed and decadent infusion that involved (I think) chamomile and rose, amongst other things. I am a massive perfumed tea fan and this ticked all my boxes- the smell was like a posy of wildflowers and the taste was just, well, heavenly. I will definitely be buying some of this when I get paid! It was. gorgeous.

It looks like a green tea, but I'm pretty sure it's not. Anyway, it is lovely and one I might buy to add to my low/non-caffeine collection.
 Also, see that teapot in the background? Isn't it gorgeous? As is the china- everything is beautifully presented and I now have serious china-envy. I need new tea cups!

A close up of the gorgeous teapot:

I also had a mini pecan and maple tart, but it didn't last long enough for me to take a photo... There is a whole list of cakes; my ambition over the summer is to try as many as I can, even if it means doing exercise on a regular basis..


  1. I have one of those teapots in the background - it's a Sadler one right? It's on my mantlepiece as I write this, my favourite so I kept it. Great minds!

  2. Oh actually I have just realised, I am talking about the cream teapot in the background - hahaha - still the one you like is gorgeous too - but I don't have it :(